That’s my Mom!

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There is a hallway of old Patchwork photos outside my office, and I always enjoy hearing our guests’ reactions to them. Among the photos are images of Patchwork children’s program participants from the 1980’s, the 1990’s and the 2010’s.

This year, I’ve enjoyed overhearing one girl point out the photo of her mother to every adult who walks with her past the photo. Without fail, she stops and points with pride:

“Look! That’s my mom!”

“Look! That’s my mom when she went here!”

“Look! That’s my mom!”

I remember her mom when she was a program participant. It was 20 years ago when I first came to Patchwork and I was teaching in the Arts & Smarts program. Her mom was spirited and creative. Her mom inspired an entire fashion show in which a group of kids and adults constructed our own high fashion ensembles, learned how to model them, had a professional fashion shoot with Calvin Kimbrough, and then walked the runway on an honest-to-goodness red carpet. It was pretty special.

Twenty years later, and her two daughters are participating in the Arts & Smarts program. They are spirited and creative like their mother. I have enjoyed getting to know them, seeing their mother’s influence, and getting to see their own unique personalities. They are good artists, and if you come to Patchwork’s Soup, Salad, & Style fundraiser you may leave with a piece of their art. They’re part of the Arts & Smarts tutoring program as well, and their family has seen a dramatic improvement in their grades since they first began here.

It is an experience shared by many families in our neighborhood. Patchwork is a safe, creative, and supportive place for generations of children.

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