The Peak of Summer

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It’s been an exciting summer in the Arts & Smarts program. Art Garden Week I (highlighted previously) has been followed by a series of other unique enrichment opportunities for children. First came Sculpture Week with Amy Rich. Participants built fantastical people using used clothing and found objects. Once each sculpture was complete, its creator wrote the character’s backstory. […]

Patchwork Summer “is Better Than TV!”

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Our summer Arts & Smarts children’s programming began last week with Art Garden Week I. A total of 32 children and 39 teen and adult volunteers participated in at least one day of Art Garden. Activities included: Telling stories with Susan Fowler about monarch butterflies’ incredible annual migration from Mexico to Canada and back. Making ceramic butterflies […]

With Enthusiasm!

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Last week we ended our summer children’s activities with Dance Week, which was presented in partnership with the Children’s Center for Dance Education. As I watched the group enthusiastically leap and gyrate and shuffle and spin (some more with the beat than others) I thought: This is Patchwork in a nutshell. We say that our […]

Springing Into Summer

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I’ve always thought that if you distilled the entire Arts & Smarts program down into a single week, that week would look a whole lot like an Art Garden Week: a big group of children, teens, and adults learning, creating, growing, and having fun together; everyone feeling welcome; everyone becoming not just friends but feeling […]