Soup, Salad, & Style Next Week!

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Patchwork’s Soup, Salad, & Style fundraising luncheon is coming up next Thursday, February 28. It’s not too late to make your reservation, but tickets are going fast! The easiest way to reserve a seat is to purchase a ticket online. Individual tickets cost $50.

Guests will enjoy a style show with fashions from Wildflower Boutique and a gourmet lunch provided by this year’s generous lunch sponsors:

Luncheon guests will also have a chance to bid on wonderful items in our silent and live auctions. Each guest will receive artwork by the children in our Arts & Smarts program.

The luncheon provides important funding that allows Patchwork to continue to do our work of serving our neighbors. In fact, most of Patchwork’s funding comes from donations from individuals, congregations, businesses, and organizations here in Evansville who know about and value our work in the community. You can see that funding at work in everything that we do at Patchwork. Take the Arts & Smarts program, for example:

In goofy middle school style, the conversation around the Arts & Smarts snack table last week involved “boneless pizza” and “an order of burnt chicken nuggets” “ketchup only.” The group decided that the next special event we’ll host as a reward to the Junior Leaders in grades 5-8 will be an afternoon party where everyone wears pajamas and drinks hot chocolate. That’s it. Drinking hot cocoa in our jammies. And yet, the kids have declared that it will be the BEST PARTY EVER!

The kids have been working on knotted fabric wreaths for Valentine’s Day. It may sound pretty simple, but at Patchwork everything is art. Each artist made different decisions based on fabric colors and textures. Some wreaths sparkle with gauzy fabrics. Some feature concentric rings of solid fabrics. Some are puffy. Some highlight their knots.

The kids have also been working on paintings that show radial symmetry. They started with an abstract design based on their initials, then duplicated that design all the way around a circle. They looked at the larger pattern that they created, then decided how to emphasize that pattern with paint. They mixed their own paint colors, applied them, and named their finished works of art. We combined all of the paintings into one display and placed it on the wall between two antique quilts that mimic it.

The kids are kids. They’re open and welcoming, and supportive friendships bloom between children from different backgrounds. Just yesterday, our staff members were commenting that the children’s friendships are something that adults can learn from. These friendships are among the things that the kids themselves recognize as important about their time at Patchwork. Recent responses to the question, “What do you like about Patchwork,” include:

  • I love Patchwork because we make friends with everyone! –Kylie
  • My favorite thing about Patchwork is that you can be yourself here. –Daniel
  • My favorite things about Patchwork are the art, learning and having fun. I especially like the drawings for door prizes! –Peyton
  • I like Patchwork for the snack and my friends, and I like Patchwork for the tutors and I like Patchwork because it is fun. I also like Patchwork for the teachers and the games. –Zyllah
  • At Patchwork, I like that you can do art, make great gifts for your family and you can do so much to help other people. –Addy

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