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This week we celebrated all of our accomplishments in the Arts & Smarts Program during this school year. It was a year unlike any before it, but it was full of fun and new friends. We ended with two festive parties for our participants and their families. The parties included art tours, videos, awards, and party food!

Rather than tell you all about it, I’ll show you!

Below you’ll find a link to a video recap of our year–from the first days back in person last fall to our most recent activities this spring. We made art, we played games, we built our academic skills, we gardened, and we got to learn about the things that interest all our participants the most. What fun!

You’ll ALSO find a link to a second video that was written, illustrated, and narrated by the Arts & Smarts participants themselves. The participants took turns adding a new sentence to a story. As the story grew, it got more and more strange and interesting! Watch it to find out what happens!

We couldn’t have made it through this school year without the hard work and dedication of our interns from Ivy Tech and the University of Southern Indiana. A very special thank you to Alecia, Ashley, Cheyenne, Emma, Jasmine, Katherine, LaToya, Megan, Molly, Spencer, and Tyler for being part of Patchwork this year along with staff members Jane, Leslie, and Rita and high school volunteers Abigale, Alex, Cassie, Elijah, John, Nic, and Owen.

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