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With Patchwork not open in the mornings to serve coffee and snacks, Eugene has had some extra time on his hands. Apparently, he has used that time to perfect his comedy routine.
One afternoon a few weeks ago, I heard someone knocking on Patchwork’s door. I went to see who was there, and it was Eugene.
He asked me, “When is Patchwork going to be back open again?”
“I don’t know when, Eugene. We’ll see,” I said.
“I need it for my socialization,” Eugene responded.
“I know, Eugene. I know there are a lot of people who really miss being able to stop by for socialization,” I told him.
I’d taken the hook, and then came the punchline.

Eugene asked, “Patchwork Central isn’t exhibiting antisocial behavior, is it?”
Patchwork has been a little less antisocial lately. Last week we started Shade Tree Hospitality time. Gail and Nancy have hosted lemonade, snacks, and conversation on Patchwork’s front lawn. John and Mary have also been available to answer health questions and to take blood pressures. It all happens when the food pantry is open on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10 am-noon.
Eugene was our first client on the first day, ready to visit. On the second day, another of our former regulars stopped by. He was deeply upset by everything going on in the world right now and really needed someone to talk to. We’ve had a smattering of others stop by since then. It’s nice to be able to reconnect while doing it in a way that is mindful of health and safety concerns for all involved.
If you’re passing by on Washington Avenue, look for us sitting out on the lawn and join us! Everyone is welcome to be part of our little community.

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