It’s Not Just What You Do

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This week, a man stopped in Patchwork’s main office. “I need to tell you what I think about this place,” he began. “It’s not just about what you do here. It’s about your hearts. I’m retired. I come from across town to read my books here and drink coffee. It’s a comfortable place. Thanks for everything you do for people.”

He describes the kind of community resource that we work hard to be: a place for the community to come together. A resource for our neighbors. A place of calm. A place of learning.

The week before, another man came into Patchwork’s main office to tell us how he found his way here. He explained that he is a neighbor but never really knew about Patchwork until he came to get his bike repaired. He saw another man in the parking lot with a cup of coffee, and the man told him the coffee had come from inside our main building.

He reported, “So I came inside. I  like to read, so I read everything and looked at all the art. Then I got to where the hallway opens up into the main room and I could feel the beautiful spirit of this place.”

Now he comes for coffee on Tuesdays and Wednesdays when he’s off work. He’s part of a group of people who gather regularly at Patchwork for coffee and fellowship.

This Patchwork Coffee Club was the center of a great Patchwork Valentine’s Day celebration this week. The “Pool Posse” to which several of our volunteers belong decided to gift everyone with a full breakfast and snack bags. There were seconds and thirds of muffins and breakfast casserole. Helen greeted everyone. Dee brought in jazz and swing music to set the tone, and Robert, one of the coffee crew, appeared with a big bouquet of balloons to share. Everyone was welcome.

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