Changing Seasons

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The seasons are changing here at Patchwork. There’s a touch of fall in the air, and next Tuesday our Arts & Smarts children’s program will start up again for the school year. The building is very quiet in the afternoon, but in the air there is the promise of a crowd of children’s voices.P1300581

Dixie is preparing the tutoring room, Jane and Elisa are planning art projects and activities, and they’re all meeting with interns from the three area universities.

There is still an opportunity to register children for both tutoring and other activities, and we need more high school and adult volunteers. Additional information and the appropriate registration forms are available in our main office and on our website

Once the children’s program begins, the level of activity at Patchwork in the afternoons will again rival that of our mornings. Lately, it’s an understatement to say that mornings have been busy. Take yesterday, for example:

A stream of our regulars stopped through the building for coffee, for a shower, for food, and for conversation: Mark, Michael, Scott, Lisa, Hershel, Brian, Cheryl, Carol, Alice, Randall, David, Mathew, and more.

Billy Hedel was here visiting and changing light bulbs in preparation for an exhibit of his Hurricane Katrina series. His artwork is on display as part of the Haynie’s Corner Arts District First Friday event this Friday, September 4 from 6 pm-9 pm. (Stop by and see us!)


Patchwork’s retired Office Manager Jean learned the ropes on her first day as a food pantry volunteer.

A man came for a food order and introduced himself as having been one of the kids in the photos hanging on the walls. I ask his name, and he says it’s Shawn. I tell him that I’ll let Calvin and Nelia know that he was here because they’re always glad to know when former kids return.

“Tell Calvin that I was asking about him,” Shawn says with a friendly smile. “He’ll remember Arthur and me because we were bad.”

Pete sends two bicycles out the door with new owners. Another man pokes his head into the main office to say, “Thanks again for that bicycle you gave me last week. P1300482It’s the best bicycle I ever had. Thank you. You guys have helped me out with so much.”

A case worker for Southwestern Behavioral Health talks to our guests about services she can offer, and some are interested in learning more.

A man inquires in the main office, “Is that guy here today…the nurse? I’ve got something I need to ask him about.” It’s not officially a Health Ministry day, but we stop John on his way out the door to pick up a prescription for another homeless man. John consults with the first man, who is very grateful.

The building stays lively, and I am glad.


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