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Patchwork’s Holiday Sale was November 11 and 12, and as usual the kids of Art & Company were there selling their special brand of ceramic nativity sets. Just before the sale they’d received a crash course in customer service, and the customers noticed. One customer told me how impressed she was when, as she approached the Art & Company table, one young salesperson greeted her, shook her hand, explained the merchandise, and explained that there would be an additional opportunity to support Art & Company in the spring at Patchwork’s pancake breakfast. The “company” profit will be figured, and soon Art & Company will throw a Profit Share Party at which the kids will eat pizza, watch a movie, and receive a “paycheck”. The amount of each child’s check will be based on his or her investment of time and good behavior into the company.

Special this year was Lillie, a high schooler participating in Advanced Art & Company. This summer when she volunteered in Patchwork’s summer activities, the bright drawings on her shoes caught everyone’s eyes. It turns out that she designs them herself and has sold some pairs to her friends at school. Lisa Dayvolt, staff member and Art & Company project leader, thought they would be a great product to offer to a larger audience. Lisa worked out a system for Lillie to take orders and sell custom shoes through the artWorks gallery in the front room of the River City Food Co-op. This gives her an safe way to interact with customers while she experiments in building a business. If you’re looking for a unique gift for friends or family, check out her table in the gallery and put in an order!

There is plenty of other art in the artWorks gallery now, making it a good place to look for handmade gifts. There are even a few of Art & Company’s nativity sets in case you missed them at the Holiday Sale.

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