A Virtual Arts & Smarts Celebration

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Our 2019-2020 Arts & Smarts school year was scheduled to end yesterday with a great big celebration. We were looking forward to it: 100+ children, families, friends, volunteers, and staff. An art exhibit. Awards. Photos of the kids. A picnic supper together.
We are very sad that this party was not able to happen because of the need for social distancing. Never would we have imagined the way that this school year would have ended.
Below you will find a virtual celebration of everything that we accomplished this school year. Even though everything was cut short unexpectedly, we did many, many things. We had a lot of fun. We encouraged children to explore the things they love to do. We provided academic enrichment. We surrounded youth with a committed group of caring adults.
We are working on reimagining our Summer Arts & Smarts activities and will keep you posted on what these opportunities will be. And we will continue to be here for families, helping children learn, grow, and thrive.

I just wanted to let you all know how much I miss each and every one of you. These past few weeks have been a lot to process and get through, and I hope that you all have been doing well with these changes. I know that sometimes it may seem stressful and lonely, but we will get through this and be able to see each other again soon. When things get tough, turn to your sparks; take the time do create, read, listen to music, or whatever you can to keep your spirits up and stress levels down. And remember that we will be here for you after this is over, just as before. I love you all, and I can’t wait to see your faces again!


The sudden ending of our spring semester at Patchwork was not at all what any of us expected or wanted. I was really looking forward to our usual End of Year Party on April 30 and was hoping to say goodbye then, until next time we meet! I know you brought joy to Patchwork, especially those who worked with you each week. I wish for you a great finish with your art and homework this season and a fresh wonderful start next fall.


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