A Magical Time of Year

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Every summer, June arrives and Patchwork is transformed. Perhaps it will be a garden where a rabbit plays tricks on a bear in order to get the best garden produce. Maybe it will be the moon with astronauts walking on it. Or perhaps it will become a boat on the Ohio River that is carrying John James Audubon through clouds of passenger pigeons.

Patchwork’s main room is a canvas across which Susan Fowler paints adventures during Patchwork’s Art Garden Weeks. This year, the first art Garden Week begins on Monday, June 4. In addition to experiencing Susan’s unique and frenetic brand of storytelling, participants will create art from clay in Patchwork’s ceramics studio, they will care for plants in and around Patchwork’s green spaces, and they will learn how to turn garden produce into tasty food in Patchwork’s kitchen. It will be a multi-generational, multi-disciplinary celebration of art, flavor, and the environment! 

The following two weeks, the fun will continue during Bike Weeks. Youth age 11 and up will learn how to repair bikes and will use those skills to help Patchwork’s Bike Shop volunteers prepare donated bikes to give out to low income adults who rely on them for transportation. Participants will learn how bikes work, how to safely use bike repair tools, and how to ride safely. Bike Weeks are being presented in collaboration with the Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library’s Year of Hip Hop.

During the last week of June, we will host Dance Week in collaboration with the Children’s Center for Dance Education. Participants will try a sampler of dances from around the world and will have fun with creative movement.

Then we’ll take a week off for the Fourth of July before hosting another Art Garden week beginning on July 9. And, we’ll celebrate the summer with families and friends at our annual potluck Garden Feast in the evening on July 12.

Needless to say, we’re looking forward to a very fun summer!

The full schedule with days, times, and age requirements can be found below. Registration forms for participants can be found on our website and in our main office. All children must be registered by a parent or guardian. Spaces for participants are filling up fast, so contact us soon if you would like to participate. And, yes, everything is offered to everyone at no cost!

We also need adult and high school volunteers to help make sure everyone has a great time. Volunteer registration forms can also be found on our website and in our main office. Adults 18 and over must complete a background check in addition to completing the application.

Come join us!

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