A Gathering of Old Friends in the Patchwork Office

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P1360917Patchwork’s main office is a good place to be.

Someone is always there to chat or to listen. There are other people there who know how you feel. Maybe they’ve been there themselves. At any point in the day, you may find a varied and interesting collection of characters.

Today it was Dee talking with Clyde, James, and Leonard. Tomorrow it may be Al and his parrot Midler. Or Scott. Or Carol. Or any one of our other regulars. Or someone completely new.

A few days ago, it was a man, his wife, their four-year-old child, and their case worker. The man had just been hired and was excited about his new job. It would be a good one, paying $10.50 an hour. It would help his family get back on their feet. The only catch was that he couldn’t get there by bus.

Somehow they all found their way to Patchwork and the man learned about our Bike ReCycle program. He’ll be in on Thursday to get a bike to transport him to his new job. His one request: something with really good tires–he’s got a long way to go. Pete will be happy to help.

Pete was also happy to help Al and Midler the bird with a bike last week. Al only recently realized that Patchwork has a bike program, though he’s one of our more regular visitors. P1360577Luckily, Pete had just the bike for him: one with an unusually tall frame that was perfect for someone well over six feet tall. Now Midler can get around in style!

Then there was a morning a few weeks ago when Shawn and Darlene were treated to a piano recital. Shawn says:

I love mornings when something beautiful and unexpected happens. A young homeless man, who’s new to the area, has been coming in to Patchwork for a couple of weeks. We’ve been able to help him get food and Pete was able to restore a donated bike to give him to use for transportation.

This morning he asked if he could play the piano. He proceeded to play, and we all stopped in our tracks. It was absolutely beautiful!!! He played a classical piece, then a jazz piece, and ended with a beautiful rendition of Amazing Grace. When he left he told me he hadn’t played in a long time and he had been going through some dark times, but today after playing for us he felt hopeful and renewed.

He thanked me over and over…..all the while I’m thinking, no, seriously, Thank You!

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