A Different Back to School

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Patchwork Central’s Back to School Sale is tomorrow, July 25, from 8 am-10 am or while supplies last. Kits cost $6 for grades K-3 and $8 for grades 4 & 5.

For well over 25 years, Patchwork has held a sale before the start of school in order to help kids be equipped to learn. The contents of the bags have changed a little through the years as classrooms have changed. For instance, things like dry erase markers have replaced red ballpoint pens. However, the sale has been a constant in the community, and many people know to watch for publicity about it.

We charge a small fee for each kit, but the actual value of the contents is much higher. Patchwork pays the difference as part of our mission. Many parents prefer it this way. Because we charge a small fee, we don’t have to ask parents a million, probing questions to see if they qualify for aid, and parents don’t have to bring their children simply to prove that those children exist.

So, we’ll be here like usual, but this year is different. Everything is different these days. Families are facing a lot of uncertainty as the start of school approaches. Because of COVID-19, many of the other back to school events around the city have been cancelled, so we anticipate we may be busier than usual. We’ll still be here, doing what we can.

We’ll be selling kits, but we won’t be selling our usual socks, underwear, and assorted supplies. We’ll all be taking extra precautions against coronavirus. Families will remain outdoors. We’ll help unrelated households stay at least six feet from one another. Sales will take place at Patchwork’s front door, and we’ll bring everyone’s orders to them there.

Stop by early if you need supplies, or simply keep us in your thoughts as we work to make it a successful sale.

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